China National United Equipment Group Beixin Machinery Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Beixin Machinery) is a backbone enterprise of China National United Equipment Group under Trisun Technology Group, which is affiliated to China National Building Material Group (Fortune 500). Beixin Machinery was founded in 1973 and has now developed into a professional supplier and technical service provider of complete sets of gypsum board production line equipment. Focus on complete set of technology and equipment for gypsum board production for 25 years. The company also provides a complete set of mineral wool sound-absorbing board production line equipment manufacturing, steel bridge manufacturing, steel structure manufacturing, technical installation services and other projects, with strong technical research and development and production line optimization capabilities.


Beixin Machinery Land is located in the Zhuo zhou (provincial) development zone of Hebei Province, the core area of Beijing, Tianjin and Xiong'an New District, and has unique geographical advantages. Beixin Machinery covers an area of about 100 acres, with a total construction area of more than 40,000 square meters. It has three independent joint factories, a technical management center building, a quality inspection center building and other facilities. There are more than 280 employees and 41 middle and senior titles. The annual turnover is 280 million yuan.


Beixin Machinery has advanced technology research and development capabilities, and has extensive cooperation with domestic scientific research institutes to improve the technology and manufacturing accuracy of gypsum board production equipment, and shorten the installation and commissioning cycle; develop 321, HD200 type assembled combined highway steel bridges ; Entrusted by China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. to independently research and develop a cement plant silo automatic clearing machine (obtained an invention patent); cooperate with Beixin Building Materials Research and Design Institute to develop an FK curtain wall production line for interior and exterior wall panels of factory buildings; independently develop rock wool ( Mineral wool), granular cotton, mineral wool sound-absorbing board production line and other new building materials, building materials equipment and production lines.


At the same time, Beixin Machinery has excellent processing and manufacturing capabilities. The first joint workshop is a steel structure workshop with a length of 180.5 meters and about 13,693 square meters; the second joint workshop is a mechanical mechanic and assembly workshop with a length of 180.5 meters and about 13,098 square meters. ; The third joint workshop is mainly used for surface treatment, with a length of 126 meters and about 3572 square meters; the company has 5 production workshops: structure workshop, heat treatment workshop, machining workshop, surface treatment workshop, assembly workshop; nearly 200 processing units And lifting equipment. Beixin Machinery has obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents in the process of R&D, design and manufacturing, which have been applied to actual production and manufacturing. Among them, the manufacturing capacity of plasterboard equipment can meet the production needs of users with an annual output of 60 million m2. Widely praised by users.

Beixin Machinery has always been adhering to the development concept of "serving customers with integrity, quality casting brand, technology leading the future", continuous technological innovation, technological improvement and upgrading, with gypsum board production line complete equipment and steel bridges as its leading products, and gradually develop a full product series based on the domestic market , Facing the international market, to create a complete set of equipment suppliers and technical service providers for China's new green building materials.

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