On April 30, 2019, in order to celebrate the "May 1st" Labor Day and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the "May 4th Movement", Beixin Machinery Co., Ltd. held the "Staff Fun Games".


On this day, the sports meeting jointly organized by the company¡¯s party committee and labor union went on smoothly in the common expectation of all employees. The four branches of the company formed their respective teams, and the employees actively signed up to participate with enthusiasm and optimism.

In the "tug of war" project, the three teams all demonstrated the spirit of unity, cooperation and concerted efforts. The score on the field was anxious, the players were sweating and exhausted, and the audience under the field shouted hoarsely for their respective teams. The climax of the whole game was continuous, which fully demonstrated the positive mental outlook of Beixinren; trick relay, leggings relay, foot style Bowling and other events continued to show the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation between Beixin people, and the competition field was full of laughter and laughter. In the collective rope competition, the four players from each team worked hard to cooperate and jumped in unison. It indicates that Beixin Machinery will spread its wings and develop faster.

Jiang Huamin, chairman and party secretary of Beixin Machinery Co., Ltd. once said: The employees of Beixin Machinery can work hard and work hard in production and operation; they can also relax and actively participate in life and entertainment. Work hard to achieve both work and life. Appropriate recreational activities are beneficial to the physical and mental health of employees. It is precisely under this purpose that BNBM staff will carry out various employee activities at the right time during their busy work, and create a united, hardworking and positive working atmosphere. BNBM Machinery will also set new heights in the joint efforts of all cadres and employees.

Finally, I would also like to thank the staff who worked silently for everyone, and did a good job in the preliminary preparations and post-cleaning of the venue for the Games.