To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Zhonglian Equipment Group Beixin Machinery Co., Ltd. carried out a number of activities to welcome the 70th birthday of the motherland. The "Beixin Cup" basketball game was held on September 27.


In the afternoon, the autumn was high and the sun was shining brightly, and the staff of Beixin Machinery gathered on the newly added basketball court of the company this year. The scene was hunting with colorful flags, crowded with people; the athletes draped in their shirts and were ready to fight; the employees who watched the game stood in order and surrounded the court. With the excitement and joy of the "Athletes March", the staff and athletes entered the stadium in sequence with their hands raised in vigor.


Jiang Huamin, secretary of the company¡¯s party committee and chairman, delivered an enthusiastic opening speech: At the beginning of the founding of New China, the roads and blue ridges were used to inspire the mountains and forests; forge ahead, all the way forward. After 70 years of spring and autumn, it has achieved world-renowned achievements. It fully demonstrates that the Communists do not forget their original aspirations and keep in mind the responsibility and responsibility of the mission. And will continue to cut through thorns, overcome difficulties, and create greater glories on the road to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! On this day of national celebration, we will hold the "Beixin Zealand Cup" basketball game to celebrate the National Day and unite our efforts. Chairman Jiang also pointed out that through the unremitting efforts of cadres and employees of Beixin Machinery, the company's reputation among customers has been improved, and the gold content of the brand of Beixin Machinery has also increased. I would like to give a big compliment to the vast number of Beixin robots! In the next step, we must steadfastly and conscientiously improve the accuracy of our products, be meticulous, be beautiful, increase added value, and step up. The Tanzania project must be done beautifully! In order to participate in the construction of the One Belt One Road project, make the products go abroad to the world, open a good chapter, and seek a good situation!


Under the leadership and strong support of leaders at all levels of Kaisheng Group and United Equipment Group, we will make the enterprise bigger and the platform bigger, so that the cadres and employees who really contribute to the enterprise will benefit! Chairman Song Zhiping of China National Building Materials Group has said that the positive correlation between corporate interests and employee interests explains this point. Comrades and fellow workers, working hard, working hard, and working hard is the right way. In this way, we will finally gain relief!

Subsequently, President Jiang announced the start of the "Beixin Cup Basketball Tournament to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China"!

The competition is divided into four teams and six rounds. Athletes on the basketball court live vigorously, fighting hard, you are fighting, the scene is fierce; the audience off the court cheer for the players on the court, cheering, cheering, applause one after another. It embodies the unity, friendship, positiveness, courage to fight and the spirit of not afraid of hardships of BNBM Robotics, showing a good mental outlook.


After the game, the team members preached that through the basketball game, the old comrades rejuvenated their youth and vitality, and the young comrades had a better understanding of Beixin machinery culture and increased their sense of identity and belonging to the company.


By holding the "Beixin Cup" basketball game, it showed the new vibe of BNBM Machinery's vigorous development and boosted the confidence of all cadres and employees. Participating employees and spectators believe that holding company group cultural and sports activities is an effective bridge and link between the company and employees, which not only enriches the cultural life of employees, but also enhances the cohesion of all cadres and employees. To welcome the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People¡¯s Republic of China, an active atmosphere was added.