As a staunch supporter and active practitioner of the "Belt and Road" initiative, BNBM has accelerated the implementation of the company's internationalization strategy, and completed the construction of the largest and most technologically advanced gypsum board production line in Central Asia with an annual output of 40 million square meters.

On July 27 local time, President Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan visited and inspected the production line of 40 million square meters of paper-faced gypsum board in Central Asia Beixin, and held a meeting The first national economic conference after the re-election of President Mirziyoyev.


During the inspection, President Mirziyoyev inquired about the factory's capacity scale, development planning, and local employment, and learned more about the factory's management and gypsum board production process. The large factory building, clean and tidy production site, automated production line and modern management system of Beixin have been unanimously appreciated by President Mirziyoyev.


President Mirziyoyev expressed his congratulations on the commissioning of Central Asia BNBM,and gave thanks to the company for paying attention to the life and physical and mental health of employees, focusing on the integration of Chinese and Ukrainian cultures, and creating a healthy, green and harmonious working and living environment. At the same time, they have high hopes for the follow-up development of BNBM, and hope that BNBM can strengthen industry exchanges and lead the high-quality development of Uzbekistan's gypsum board industry.