Recently, customers from Mongolia visited Beixin Machinery and had a discussion on cooperation in gypsum business. The Director of International Business Department and Technology Department of Beixin Machinery accompanied the conversation.


The client said that he has a strong interest in our gypsum powder and gypsum board production line. According to the needs of customers, our company took customers to visit the equipment production workshop, and the gypsum board production line factory we established for the cooperative enterprise BNBM, and intuitively understood the production process of Beixin Machinery's gypsum board production line.


We focus on gypsum board machine manufacturing for 30 years. Our client BNBM is a high-end gypsum board (Brand Name: Dragon plasterboard) supplier. We helped BNBM win the National Industry Award, with 63% market share.

During the symposium, Beixin Machinery extended a warm welcome to the visit of foreign businessmen! And introduced the basic situation of Beixin Machinery and equipment details to the clients. Afterwards, the two sides had a friendly conversation on issues such as gypsum business cooperation.