Recently, the manufacturing stage of the equipment for the production lines of gypsum powder and gypsum board of Azerbaijan project was nearing the end, and the customer came to Beixin Machinery's production workshop for field inspection and acceptance of the equipment.


During the visit to the production workshop, the international business personnel introduced the completed production line equipment to the customer one by one, and the customer expressed his affirmation on the equipment production and processing links. Then, in the symposium, the chairman and general manager of Beixin Machinery welcomed the arrival of the customers and made a key introduction on the production of Beixin machinery and equipment. Finally, the customer expressed his gratitude to Beixin Machinery for the warm reception and detailed answers, and looked forward to the smooth installation and operation of the equipment.


Our company is responsible for the process design of the whole production line, equipment processing, guiding the installation of the production line, commissioning and personnel training. If there is a demand, you can contact us to design and serve you.