Recently, a customer from Africa visited Beixin Machinery and had a discussion on the cooperation of gypsum board project. The director of international business department, the director of technical department and other personnel of international business department of Beixin Machinery accompanied the discussion.


The customers firstly visited the equipment production workshop and toured the equipment manufacturing area, spraying area and assembly area. The visitors also visited the gypsum board production line factory we set up for other customers, and intuitively understood the production process and way of Beixin Machinery's gypsum board equipment.


During the seminar and exchange meeting, the chairman of Beixin Machinery expressed his warm welcome to the foreigners' visit! He also introduced the basic situation of Beixin Machinery and its development history to the foreigners. The two sides then had an in-depth exchange on the details of gypsum board production equipment and international exchange and cooperation.

The foreign businessmen expressed their gratitude for the warm reception of Beixin Machinery and said that the visit had left a deep impression and they hoped to continue to strengthen communication and cooperation in the future.